Microsoft office 365 SharePoint

3E’S has Developed Microsoft office 365 SharePoint for Inter communication which one of the best & safe platform.

SharePoint enables our intranet to use it as a secure place to store, organise, share and access any information from a whole range of devices. It can be accessed online via any common web browser and has several different types of products and services available.

SharePoint Online – A service operated entirely on the cloud, it allows our employees to share information with co-workers and customers. Operating as a centralised infrastructure, it allows the real-time collaboration on and sharing of reports and documents in various projects.

OneDrive for Business sync – A desktop program used to sync documents from a site to OneDrive for Business to your hard drive, so that it can be used offline. So we are never down and our team always ready to answer all the queries for our valuable clients.

Our Intranet is built on SharePoint which gives us the flexibility to use the services and processes in Cloud-based computing. It’s our internal collection of websites and content used by our employees to share information and documents within and throughout the organisational infrastructure. The site can host all kinds of files and information in one location so that employees and contributors always know exactly where to find them. Similar to cloud-based competitor Google Docs, this allows documents to always be centralised with a master copy, instead of multiple people having various copies at different stages of the editing process.

Benefits for businesses:

1. Efficiency

Our SharePoint has a huge range of productivity and efficiency tools such as change logs, calendars, wikis, and internal discussion boards that are indexed by the search engine. Which help our staff to get updated with all the new information and this also means that they can be searched by co-workers and employees to benefit from the knowledge and information of others. Which in turn help our employee to answer client queries efficiently and quickly.

We are also planning to have Client portals that allow our clients to also have limited access, meaning projects, documents and reports can be managed through a Microsoft SharePoint site.

2. Centralisation

Everything is stored in one location, instead of being fragmented all over the place. Entire Client Data saved in the cloud which gives our client satisfaction for the security and assurance of their data and the availability required as per their request.

With the SharePoint, our employees have one place to look for everything they need, and even more importantly as a manager or director, we have the ability to check everything and keep an eye on everything in one place.

3. Disaster-Proofing

We are using SharePoint for an intranet as a method of disseminating information, documents and projects enable considerable disaster-proofing over traditional print or digital media. Acts of Man and Acts of God can result in losses of entire datasets, as data typically does not react well to the influence of fire or flood!

With a cloud-based intranet as opposed to an on-site server method, our company’s intranet is protected from most types of physical disaster and enables swift recovery from any untoward events.

4. Practicality

The document management systems in our SharePoint do not need specific or complex technical knowledge to understand, and therefore are realistic for our accounting firm to achieve the goals for us and our customers

Award winning, time saving Practice Management Software - GDPR Compliant

Automated Records Requesting

Automatically chase records from clients via email and SMS. Set up requests for VAT and accounts records on an interval. Regular data follow-up for documents to the clients help us to get the data on time , submit the statutory reports with in the time and also help client to avoid the penalty.

E-Signing Built In

Client can sign into their portal and sign off accounts. The signed document will be automatically saved in the client's timeline. E-Signing is making process quicker and more compliant.

Self-generating Task List

Our practice management software is automatically builds a plan for our week based on deadlines and when we received records from the client. We can also rearrange and add items to our task list.

Document Portal

Our Practice Management software has built a secure document portal for GDPR. Both we and client can upload and share documents between each other.

Client Timeline

The timeline feature allows us to view records of client emails, SMS messages, telephone calls, meetings and changes to their information all in one place.

Quick client engagement process

Clients have their own online portal which enables them to quick and easy sign up. They can complete the registration process, sign your terms and pay registration fees by card.

Missing Client Details

PM software allow us to view all clients with incomplete details in one place, ensuring we are online as the agent or have the necessary codes for filing, well before the deadline.

SMS Text Messaging

Send and receive text messages within the system, all without ever touching our mobile phone. Messages will be viewable in the client timeline.

64-8 Agent Authorisation

Excellent feature of software is submitting agent authorisation request to HMRC, then automatically chase agent authorsation codes (before they expire).

Digital AML ID Checks

Perform digital AML ID checks from within software. A simple, fully compliant, transparent and quick anti-money laundering check system.

Companies House Integration

Autofill records based on Companies House details - saving time and reducing human error from manual data entry. Plus, we'll be automatically notified of any Companies House changes.